What to wear on a first date (Yuusk experts advice)

Planning the outfit for the first date is very important, just as thinking what to say and what to do in order to have a great experience. Here are some tricks and tips from Yuusk‘s experts in dating that will keep you comfortable, original and amazing.

 Stick to your personal style and avoid trends 

First date is definitely no time to experiment the last trends. Don’t give up on your style for a stranger and try to put good light your silhouette.

Wear something comfortable

You will want to feel comfortable. If you can’t walk in heels don’t choose heels. A pair of platform espadrilles are perfectly fine and won’t make your feet hurt.

Be sexy but don’t give it all 

Some mystery is always a good idea. Toe the line between sexy, vulgarity  and boring. Wear some statement earrings to add a bit of glam.



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